Your Wedding

Bridal Dressing

Make it memorable and successful.

A hassle and stress free wedding with happy memories can be the real success of a wedding program.


In that sense, we offer you a One-Stop-Solution for all your wedding needs preparing the bride for the ceremony through preparing the wedding hall and many more. It involves many stages of preparation and we are here to help you with all your needs and suggestions and to be hassle-free.

As we have many years of experience in this Tamil Wedding industry we know all your problems and efforts in making your program a success.

Preparation is the key for a perfect wedding. Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider when planning your wedding:

  • Set the date

  • Bride should have her skin test done (if you have not done yet) and consider indulging and pampering treatments including facial, pedicure and manicure

  • Roughly estimate the guest numbers and other requirements of the whole event

  • Find and book the venue that fulfills all the requirements

  • Decide on a theme and a colour

  • Choose your Bridal Party (Bridesmaid, Flower Girls, Bestman, Page Boys etc)

  • Delegate tasks to people you trust. Keep a note of who you gave what to.

  • Find and book a photographer and videographer

  • Find and book a caterer

  • Find a cake decorator and book for your wedding cake

  • Book for Thavil, Nathaswaram Band

  • Decide Costumes for Bride, Groom as well as the whole Bridal Party

  • Go for wedding outfit, wedding jewellery shopping

  • Have the first fitting on of your Bridal outfit

  • Order for Bridal Party Dress Making (Bride’s Saree Blouse, Bridesmaid Dress, Flower Girl Dress etc) and alterations (should it be necessary)

  • Sort out invitation cards, place cards, thank you notes, gifts/ wedding favours for the guests

  • Order your floral arrangements including Bridal Bouquets, Head Flowers, Garlands, Chadanagam, flowers for hall and car etc.

  • Bride: Have gold/ whitening facial, waxing/threading, nails, pedicure and manicure done.

  • Bride: Have your wedding saree trial, get it pleated and ironed.

  • More you feel relaxed more you look beautiful.

How we may help you

  • Free skin test for Bride (if you have not had one already)

  • Find the perfect venue to suit your needs

  • Beauty Care Services to prepare ahead for your wedding including facial, nails, waxing/threading, pedicure, manicure at our Salon in Croydon.

  • You will only need to decide the colour and theme of your wedding! We will look after the rest!! Yes. We offer a wide range of services for your convenience that save much of your time making you feel more relaxed. The services include but not limited to:

  • Help with whole event planning

  • Makeup, Hair & Dressing up

  • Beauty Care: Facial, Waxing, Threading, Bleaching, Nails, Pedicure, Manicure, Eyelash Treatment etc

  • Mehndi

  • Help to choose wedding outfits and jewelleries

  • Dress Making

  • Saree Pleating & Ironing

  • Flower Arrangement (From Bridal Bouquet & Head Flowers to Car & Venue Decoration)

  • Cake Making

  • Ceremony Venue

  • Photography & Videography